Pilot Plants

In the following points, you will find all the information necessary about our different pilot plants. All our units have run since a long time for R&D and tests purposes. Those machines are also here for making some tests for  customers. It is possible for you to order as many analysis you want. We have the possibility to test each type of waste. We will present you a mass balance and we are able to analyze the quality of the end products. The advantage of Pyrum Innovations  is that it is possible for us to test a certain waste type in three different unit sizes:

  • Laboratory Unit: First analysis in order to work on a mass balance. This will be the first step. However, the end products coming from this unit are not so good as the one coming from the semi-industrial plant. This comes because we do not have an automation system, neither a rectification column for such a small unit.  
  • Semi-Industrial Unit: This unit has a throughput of around 30-50 kg of input material. In order to have good analysis results, it is important to have around 2 tons of waste to recycle. The quality of the end products are those from the industrial size unit.
  • Industrial Size Unit: This unit (Pyrum owned unit is under construction) has an hourly throughput of 700-1,000 kg. This unit is used for final inspection in an industrial way of thinking. Once it will be ready to use, this machine will be operated in 3 shifts. This patented thermolysis plant will be available during fall 2012.  

If you have any question, or if you are willing to plan a test, do not hesitate to contact us. Please be aware that we will need at least 14 days for planing a test.



Wirtschafts Woche

Pyrum Innovations has been nominated by the magazin "Wirtschafts Woche" as beeing one of Germany's most innovative and successful clean-tech companies. [more]

EU grant agreement

EU energy commissioner Oettinger visits Pyrum in Dillingen. A few weeks after, our EU grant agreement has been official.  [more]