200 t/year module

As we are now operating a 200-300 t/year Pyrum® Thermolysis module, and we often been asked for duplicates, we are now offering them in a turn key version. This type of unit is often used for realization tests of diverse waste products, or for small production units for small recycling companies.  

Technical information about a 200-300 t/year unit:

  • Size: 2m x 6m x 7m
  • Weight: ca. 4-5 t
  • Material: 1.4828
  • Heat: Electricity, incl. automation and sensor system
  • Output: 15 kW
  • Temperature: 20-850°C
  • Connection: 400 V / 50 Hz - Self powered via gas generator
  • Capacity: 15L per lock filling
  • Inerting: Nitrogen
  • Cooling: Water
  • Extra tools: Vacuum pump, cooling screw, condensation tower, gas generator

If you need some more information about our 200-300 t/year module, or need an offer, please click here.


Wirtschafts Woche

Pyrum Innovations has been nominated by the magazin "Wirtschafts Woche" as beeing one of Germany's most innovative and successful clean-tech companies. [more]

EU grant agreement

EU energy commissioner Oettinger visits Pyrum in Dillingen. A few weeks after, our EU grant agreement has been official.  [more]